"2 Become One" Seeds of Love Engagement Ring

"2 Become One" Seeds of Love Engagement Ring


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    Seeds of Love Engagement / Wedding Band from the "2 Become One Collection".  The inner part of the ring has the main stone being held up by leaves.  The inspiration behind this design comes from the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) symbol for Love, which is a plow, a farmers tool used to sow seeds.  When one puts love, work and time into a seed it grows, blooms and thrives.  When that seed is neglected it suffers.  So the design itself is a representation of love.  When the future bride is proposed to, she wears the inner ring till her wedding day when like the couple the two rings become one.        

    Available in 14k, 18k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold as well as Platinum.  We can also use any combination of those metals and/or substitute the stones of your choice in place of the stones you see in this image.  GIA Certified Diamonds are available.  We don't offer prices on our bridal collections online because we want each order to reflect you.  When you tailor our designs to fit your taste and budget, prices vary.  Call or leave your contact number today to receive a price quote and leave a deposit on the rings of your dreams made just for you.  *STONES ARE CONFLICT FREE    


  • •14k Yellow Gold

    • Stones: .75ct Round shaped Blue Topaz.  


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