Maintaining Stones

Maintaining Stones

Most people don't consider their jewelry in the same light they do their car or home.  This makes sense as one's car or home requires a lot in time and expense to maintain.  But if you own jewelry with large diamonds or other expensive stones, routine maintenance is highly suggested.


The shock and heart wrenching experience of looking down at your diamond Jewelry and missing an expensive stone, is very troubling.  This experience can be especially stressful for engagement ring wearers who attach deep sentimental value to their ring.  For this reason we suggest a "Diamond checkup" at least twice a year for engagement rings or diamond rings worn often.  If you've spent $5,000+ on diamonds in your ring, you want to protect that investment.  Another reason why maintenance is important is because its very easy to wear down the prongs or other types of settings which hold the stones in your ring over time.  This is especially true in high karat gold engagement rings which are much softer than platinum or even 14k gold.  To protect from the unlikely but possible event of loss stones in your jewelry, go to a trusted jeweler twice a year to have your diamond checked for looseness and reinforced if needed.  Never leave your diamond ring with the jeweler unless you trust them completely.  Stones are unwittingly switched by unscrupulous jewelers more often than is reported.  Non Abrasive, lint-free, microfiber Jewelry Cloths (like what we offer clients), may be used on the surface of diamonds but for those hard to reach facets of the stone, a  professional cleaning is essential.

Use Jewelry Cloths

Non Abrasive, lint-free microfiber ewelry cloths are very good for cleaning off the surface of non porous stones such as Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Topaz.  Avoid direct contact with porous stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ivory, Pearls, Opal, Coral, Malachite, ect. as well as 24 karat gold.  Use of a jewelry cloth on these types of stones may discolor and damage the stone.

Get a Professional Cleaning

Stones in your jewelry receive a lot of oils from ones body or use of everyday products such as lotions and sun screen.  If your stones are lacking the pop in color they once had, that's clear evidence that the light which once was able to penetrate the stone is being blocked.  A professional cleaning should cost less than $50.  We offer professional hand polishing services on Studio of Ptah designs where we in essence, refurbish your Studio of Ptah piece.  When you send us back your Studio of Ptah design for cleaning we will also inspect your stones to ensure its security and condition.  If you need stones replaced we can let you know.  Studio of Ptah professional cleanings are $20 per piece or $30 for large or custom pieces.  Please call us at 212-343-9706 or email us to arrange this.