Maintaining Luster

Maintaining Silver, Platinum & Gold Jewelry

We at Studio of Ptah want you to proudly wear your Studio of Ptah design and pass it down to next generations.  We craft our designs to be durable so they may be shared from one generation to the next.  While we make this conscious effort, jewelry maintenance is still required to keep your jewelry looking its best at all times.  Some people actually prefer a well worn, aged look and because of the high details in Studio of Ptah designs, they like the contrasts of the tarnished metal.  However if you are someone who likes a high polished look on your metal, please follow the following steps.

Protect Metal from the Elements

Oxygen and Humidity tarnish metal fast.  Store your jewelry in dark places and try to deprive it from as much air as possible when not worn.  Putting jewelry in pouches, wrapping jewelry in cloth or keeping it in its original box and then keeping that in a dark, dry place will dramatically slow down the oxidation process from tarnishing your jewelry.  Sterling Silver can react with some people's body chemistry and may tarnish much faster.  Perspiration may also quicken this process.  In these case a Jewelry cloth is essential.

Use Jewelry Cloths on Metal and Non Porous Stones Only

Studio of Ptah offers a very good jewelry cloth that will keep your Studio of Ptah designs gleaming.  Avoid direct contact with porous stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Ivory, Pearls, Opal, Coral, Malachite, ect. as well as 24 karat gold.  Use of a jewelry cloth on these types of stones may discolor and damage the stone.

Get a Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning should cost less than $50.  We offer professional hand polishing services on Studio of Ptah designs where we in essence, refurbish your Studio of Ptah piece.  When you send us back your Studio of Ptah design for cleaning we will also inspect your stones to ensure its security and condition.  If you need stones replaced we can let you know.  Studio of Ptah professional cleanings are $20 per piece. Please call us at 212-343-9706 or email us to arrange this.

What to Avoid Doing in Cleaning Metal

Never use Ammonia on your jewelry. 
Never apply toothpaste to your jewelry.
Avoid contact with perspiration.