Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Symbol Guide





Literally means "Life" but interestingly enough, the symbol represents "family". The circle portion is woman. The lower part is man. Their union produces the cross section which represents the children (boy & girl).
Khepera (Scarab)
The Khepera (Scarab) represents change, a new beginning or rebirth of consciousness.
Eye of Heru (Horus)
The Eye of Heru symbol is a falcon's eye. Falcons are known for keen sight, speed and their ability to fly high in the sky. The Eye of Heru represents awareness and protection from negativity.
Djed Column
The Djed Column stands for stability.
Maat Feather
The Maat feather has multiple translations. It can mean: balance, truth, justice, reciprocity and fairness.
Shen (Cartouche)
The Shen is a symbol which represents eternity. The more elongated version is known as a "Shenu". It is used to house the name of someone in Mtu Ntr or hieroglyphics. Once a name was placed within it, it was thought to protect that person from negativity.
Heru Behudet (Solar Disc)
The Heru Behudet symbol represents royalty and high mindedness.
Buckle of Ast (Isis), Or Tiet
The Buckle of Ast represents fertility.