About Us

What is Ptah? Ptah is a Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) principle that represents “Master Craftsmanship”.  We strive to meet that standard in every design that we create.  Studio of Ptah is a family run NYC based Independent Jewelry Company led by Heru Ankh-Ra Semahj and El-Aton Georges.  Together, they work to make Studio of Ptah a go to brand for those looking for fine jewelry that is not only beautiful but also meaningful and symbolic. 

Africa has a special place in our hearts.  The beauty of its people’s, land and cultures fuels our passion to create fine jewelry that shares this beauty in a unique way.  But we are also drawn to and inspired by many other amazing symbols from outside Africa and love to integrate symbols from different parts of the globe, on one design. "It’s amazing to learn of the similarities of cultures and peoples in a world so focused on our differences", shares Heru Semahj. "I also love to draw inspiration from the beauty of nature".  

All of our designs are hand designed by Master Craftsman Heru Semahj in our New York City Jewelry Studio. Unlike a lot of jewelry on the market today, our designs don’t appear generic because we don't rely on computers.  We are not concerned with using machines to make the lightest piece of jewelry that we can sell for the highest price.  We consider what we do art therefore, human hands design every order that we fulfill.  We feel this is important to creating timeless art and Studio of Ptah jewelry is made with the intention of being passed down from one generation to the next. 

At Studio of Ptah, we serve a client who wants to make a statement, boldly or subtly.  It’s a statement that says “Aware”, “Unique”, “Interesting”, “Confident”, “Cultured” or simply a statement of good style and taste.  We’re honored to serve you.