Big Ankh Ring

Hieroglyphics Ankh Ring XL (Sterling Silver)

  • Popularly known as Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Metu Neter is the worlds oldest written language.  This Ankh XL design features the popular Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) phrase "Ankh Udjat Seneb" which translates to "Life, Health, and Strength". This design is beautiful as well as symbolic.  The Ankh XL series was made famous by the legendary songstress Erykah Badu who wears one of her custom Studio of Ptah Ankh XL Rings during every performance.  It's growing popularity has inspired Designer Heru Semahj to add a new design to the series yearly.  Also available in 14 and 18k yellow white or rose gold as well as platinum.  Call 212-343-9706 For more information on this design in those metals.

    All ring sizes are available always.  Let us know your exact size at Checkout.

    • Want to leave a deposit? To get price quotes, and info on this design in another metal, or to place an order please call 212-343-9706.  If you prefer, you can also click the "Contact Us" tab at the bottom right to email your phone number.  

  • • Sterling Silver

    • Available in Gold and Platinum as well call 212-343-9706

  • • 2.75in Long


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