Master Key Ankh Pendant

Master Key Ankh Pendant

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    Studio of Ptah's Master Key Ankh Pendant is about 3.25 in long and comes with Studio of Ptah's signature "living in truth" Bale.  This design features multiple Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) symbols.  The Bale features Maat Feathers and an Ankh.  From the top of the Ankh are the Symbols Ra, Eyes of Heru (Horus), Djed, Heru Behudet, Shen (Cartouche) which holds the Kemetic Hieroglyphs or Metu Netr symbols Ankh Udjat Seneb (Life, Health, & Strength).  The center stone in this example is an Onyc but of course you can have the stone of your choice in it's place.   


  • • Sterling Silver

    • onyx .25 ct round cut

    • For Platinum, 18k Gold or with this design in other stones please call us at 212-343-9706




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